CV writing: Let’s talk about me


I have struggled with CV writing in the past and to finally receive detailed and informative guidelines on how to write one was a great benefit gained from this module. The standard of your CV must be impeccable when sending into a place of possible future employment and so the opportunity to write one and send it in strictly to just receive feedback is invaluable information.

We were tasked with finding a real advertised job and we were to tailor our CV’s to suit this advertised job, as if we were truly applying for the role. I chose a herpetological position in Atlanta Zoo, that I believed I suited and tailored my CV and cover letter to it, emphasizing on my skills and knowledge on the roles the position would involve.

I learned quite a lot of tips and tricks from attending the lectures designed to help us with this assignment.

Easy things such as;

  • keep your CV at 2 A4 pages in length
  • Make your CV to suit the potential job your applying for
  • Use any relevant skills or experience to your advantage.

How does this help me?

The lectures were interesting and Dewi Jones (lecturer) was very informative and helpful. I learned a lot more than I thought I would about CV writing and I dare to say I was ignorant in the amount of effort I previously believed was needed to create a CV.

I had never had experience writing a cover letter before so doing that was a learning curve for me and with the help of a couple of people and a few draft cover letters, I was happy with the cover letter I produced.

I only have one possible improvement to the CV writing workshop and that would be a personal feedback session or even a peer review similarly to the interview assessment where we could review each other’s and help each other to improve on different aspects of the CV and cover letter.

Thanks for reading,



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