Final reflection

final reflection

The bio-enterprise and employability module has been both insightful and detrimental to my decisions as to what I would like to achieve through my degree.

I have been given insights into the working world and the opportunities that can lead from various pathways in my Zoological career. My favourite aspects to this module include the Dragons Den and the opportunity to construct our own business plans. As I plan to open a business in the future, I feel these helped me to realise the importance of having an understanding as to how a business works in a Business/Zoological career.

Upon reflection of this module, I believe I have improved several skills and improved my knowledge about business. I was surprised to find myself now wanting to consider shaping my career around the business side of Zoology, something I never would have thought I wanted.

I feel like I got the most out of this module in terms of future careers paths but also on a very personal level. This module is my one of my favourite modules that I have undertaken during my academic career, it was inspiring, interesting and most of all fun (for me that is), whilst typing this I remember while having to choose our modules back in my second year of university that I was nervous of the possibility that this module wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I would highly recommend it, if the chance ever arises for a young person undertaking zoology to find a module that gives you an introduction into the working world and business, it is great experience to gain during your academic career.

The Seminars

The seminars that my previous blogs discuss, were held on a Friday nearly 4 times a month and for roughly 5-6 months out of the academic year. For each seminar, someone would arrive and give us a summary of their previous/current research projects.

Each seminar differed from the last and ranged in a variety of topics as you can probably tell already. The seminars gave me a few new perspectives on previous topics that I may have disregarded as ‘boring’ or ‘uninteresting’ in the past. Im glad that I took the time to attend most of these seminars even though I only needed to write 5, it gave me the ability to choose my 5 favourites from over the course of the year.

Although im choosing to not follow in the same career path as some of these people and move to a business/zoological career, I believe to be able to do what I want to do I need an understanding of many areas of Zoology and these seminars gave me the motivation to do so.

To explain further on the previous point made, basically, I have realised that in life you need to do what you feel will make you happy. To be able to achieve happiness I feel that personally I need to find a balance between my hobbies, my career and the people I choose to be around along the way, after reaching a point in my life where my hobby either is or develops my career and the people that I meet along the way are supportive and loyal. Then, I feel I will have achieve happiness, anyway I digress, apologies to the reader for the surprising ‘depth’ of this blog.

final reflection balace

The Workshops

The workshops composed of three components; An assessment centre, a career’s café and a Dragons Den. My favourite workshop had to be the Dragon’s Den. It was my favourite because I finally got to plan my dream pet shop and begin to think about future-plans to carry out this dream of mine. I hope to begin a career as a Zoological consultant and be a key component in a team of staff pushing to maintain a business. I also hope to travel with my career as this title would mean I can perform my skills in any country around the world.

Another workshop I feel I should mention is the assessment centre as it was incredibly fun and extremely helpful. Getting the chance to perform a fake interview and receive feedback almost instantly, was insightful, it reassured me in some aspects and gave me points to improve in others. Also in that workshop, we got the chance to be the interviewer and that was interesting to be in the position of power and had to criticize other students on their performance. I don’t think I had ever been in that situation to critically analyse someone like that before and it was strange at first but I feel like I gained a skill from it.

From this module, I got in touch with Chris Walker and him and I discussed future career plans that may be accessible to me. Chris is a highly distinguished consultant and possesses his own consultancy company. To learn from him has been hugely beneficial to me and quite motivational to pursue a career in consultancy. I first met Chris during the Dragons’ Den workshop and following the conclusion of that workshop I spoke to Chris Freeman (Module Supervisor) as well as Chris Walker. I inquired into a looking to base a masters project on a Zoological/Business type project, this seemed to have spiked the interest of both of the Chris’s, they spoke to me quite excitedly about the idea and Chris Walker insisted I would meet with him to discuss future plans.

In case I haven’t expressed my gratitude for this module enough, I would like to thank the people behind the creation of this module and the time and effort that they put in to make it potentially life-changing for people. I must also thank Chris Walker personally, as he may have been detrimental to my possible success in the future.

Thanks for reading,




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